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Modern | WordPress Theme | version 0.9

Modern is a light, simple and modern theme for WordPress 1.5 or above. Page links in Modern are layed out horizontally at the top—rather than in the sidebar—creating a clearer distinction between permanent and updated content. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a great number of pages with this theme. Currently, only top-level pages are displayed in the top section—making it possible to exclude pages from appearing there.

Modern uses one slightly less common type-face—if present, the blog title is type set in Galliard (if not it downgrades gracefully). Only two image-files are used. The theme strives to use as semantic markup as possible and should validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1. Modern has been tested in Opera 9.0 beta, Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6.0.


  • Fast and light
  • Easy to use: well-structured css-file, no plug-ins required
  • Page and Archive pages included
  • Supports theme preview in WordPress 2.0
  • Careful typography and use of whitespace


After you download Modern, unzip it and upload it to your <WP_INSTALL>/wp-content/themes/ directory. Then log into WordPress and activate the theme from within your presentation panel.


Modern is licensed under the LGPL. It may be freely modified and copied as long as the license stays LGPL.

Change Log

2005-12-17: Initial 0.9 beta-release.

402 Responses to “Modern”

  1. Modern at WordPress Station Says:

    […] Ulf Pettersson Is offering up a new theme. As the name implies, it is a modern approach to blog design, with nice use of CSS effects in the page navigation in the header. Subtle colors, the design would work in a variety of sites, and could easily be adapted for a more CMS approach. […]

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    […] Another theme I love: Modernby Ulf Petterson. Take a look, check it out, it loads like a charm and looks so good! […]

  4. Caroline Says:

    This is one great theme Ulf!

    Thank you very much for this *S*
    Love it!

  5. Kaushal Sheth Says:

    Nice theme, I love it. Clean and neat.

  6. laurie Says:

    ohh, very nice theme!

  7. Stephen VanDyke Says:

    This is very clean and sharp looking. I could easily see using this for myself.

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    […] Check it out over at related posts: […]

  9. Pit Says:

    Great Theme!
    But when i view the categories, there are no Hyperlinks in the Text.
    Is this a bug, or ist this ”works as designed”?

  10. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Pit: You are right, there are no hyperlinks in the text in categories, archives and search. This is not by design, it seems to be a limitation of WordPress. No themes that display an excerpt of the post does show links in the excerpt. As far as I understand the WordPress Codex, it may not be possible to change.

    If anyone knows more about this and if it can be changed, feel free to enlighten us.

  11. Blogging Pro China » WordPress Theme: Modern Says:

    […]   Modern,简洁漂亮的模板,有单栏和两栏式提供。 by Scott | posted in WordPress Themes Trackback URL | Comment RSS Feed Tag at | Incoming links […]

  12. Jerry Says:

    Hie UlfPettersson,

    I’m currently using SPHPBlog, can i modify your design to suit the blog? The credits will stay there : )

  13. Jerry Says:

    Ah, overlooked this part

    Modern is licensed under the LGPL. It may be freely modified and copied as long as the license stays LGPL.

    This design of yours looks wonderful. Do you have mailling list or anything? Would love to know if you released any new design..

  14. Pit Says:

    Ulf, i´ve been looking around a little bit, and there are some blogs, which show links in e.g. the categories view.
    also the blogs with the blix theme running do that.

    is there a way to change the template to that function?

  15. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Jerry: No mailing list, sorry. But I will announce new themes (there will most likely be a few coming) on, themes section.

    Pit: Some blogs who show links use manually created excerpts. That works for Modern, too. Do this by putting a more tags in the posts.

    The theme Blix uses a set of special functions called BX_functions. I could use those functions, but preferably not – I like to keep things standard and as fast as possible. You can modify the theme to use those functions by: 1. putting BX_functions.php from Blix in the Modern folder. 2. Initializing the functions in header.php. 3. Modifying archive.php to use the functions like in Blix, be careful not to copy the css selectors from Blix, however.

  16. AA Says:

    Good & Minimalistic! Great work!

  17. Pit Says:

    Ulf, thank´s a lot for your infos about that.

    Is there a way (without the BLIX thing), to place a ”home” link to the top page navigation? i think that would be usefull.

    and sorry, but i have got another question:
    is it possible to implement a personal logo, instead of the dark gray box, the colour image and the big title on the right side of the header?

    sorry again for my questions. i really would like to install your very excellent looking theme, but for my usecase i must implemet a logo instead of the things i listed above.

    best wishes

  18. eyerouge Says:


    Unless you don’t want to be super-explicit you really don’t need to have a home-link since clicking the logo does the same thing for you. Anyhow, here’s the way to do it, I just tried it out and it works for me:

    1. Open /themes/modern/header.php
    2. Around line 27 you’ll see:

    3. Exactly above that line, insert a new one with the following text:


    4. Now you should have something like this:


    5. Save and upload the file. Try it out in both Firefox and IE.

    * * *

    The colour image logo is easy to change – it’s just a graphics file that you need to edit as you wish. The grey box is somewhat more pain and involves some CSS editing that I didn’t feel like doing without knowing how all classes work with each other (I’m a newb).

    The title can be removed by doing this:

    1. Open /themes/modern/header.php

    2. Around line 30 you’ll find:


    3. You can either erase/comment out the whole line, or just the part that displays the text (the name of the blog with big orange letters). To do the latter just replace the line with:


    4. Ta-da.

    I’ve done all this already and it can be seen on

    * * *


    Tack för ett riktigt schysst theme… älskar minimalismen. Ser fram emot nya från dig.

  19. eyerouge Says:

    omfg… how sloppy of me, the code got ”lost in translation”. :(

    Pit: Check out this for the whole thing >>

  20. Mário Says:

    Hi Ulf!

    I am planing on using this theme for a blog/site i am building right now:

    But when i started ading content i noticed some strange behaviour.

    a) a picture that has 500 pixels width gets reduced automaticaly.

    b) outside linked images dont display on the blog althoug they show on the admin area preview.
    Is this because the entry just shows all the content when we see the single entry page ? Is the blog configured to show just a excerpt on the main page ?

    I would like to change this if possible.

    Thank you.

  21. Mário Says:

    I figured out the width=100% (419 pix), but i still cant see where is the element that makes only the excerpt apear on the main page.

    I am trying to make the content area apear a litle larger (510 px instead of 419) but every time i change the dimensions there is overlap of the content with the sidebar !

    If you could help with some sugestion for the css it would be great !

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  23. Scooter Says:

    Hallo! Will this work with WordPress 2.0? I try to load it but when I view the site it only shows a blank page. :(

  24. Mário Says:

    Well, i figured out the details of the css.

    I instaled wordpress 2.0 RC3 (got tired of waiting for the final) and it works (except for the Event Calendar plugin – not the responsability of Modern though).

  25. eyerouge Says:


    Yes, I just tried out a clean install of both official wp2.0 release and a clean one of modern, and it worked.

  26. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Mário: Glad you figured it out.

    Scooter: Modern should work with WordPress 2.0rc3 – that is the version this blog is using.

  27. Scott Burkett Says:

    For some reason, it looks fine for me in Foxfire and Opera, but under IE 6, the sidebar is getting pushed down. It’s like a weird table thing or something. Anyone else seen this sort of thing?

  28. Scott Burkett Says:

    Whoops – never mind, I fixed it – was a problem with my quote table.

  29. Eloy Ramirez Says:

    i am testing this theme on a temporary site and I cannot figure out how to get the links at the top (texts, images, sites, design, about) at the top on the page…I am looking for any documentation you have ( i am a still learning the coding part)

    any help you could give me would be super!


  30. Petit Says:

    Hi Ulf
    Really beautiful design.
    I’ll certainly try it out on my so far experimental dummy blog to be released soon.

  31. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Eloy: I’m not sure I understand what you want to do. When I look at your site the links are already at the top. In any case, the position of the page-links is controlled by header.php and by the CSS-file. In the CSS, look under the heading /* Begin Structure */, where you will find the selector #header li a {}. This decides the position of the page-links.

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  33. Nick Says:

    I like the simple design, yet it stands out. I am looking for new themes for my blog and I may just be using yours. Great work, I will be looking for future themes from you in the future.

  34. federico Says:

    Muy bueno, genial, simple y elegante. Lo usaré en congriofrito. Felicitaciones y gracias a tí y todos los que contribuyen a la blogosfera.

  35. Max Says:

    Hi Ulf, what is the the dept of the non-top pages? I want to insert the second level page on the sidebar, thanks

  36. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Max: The depth of the pages in the header is 1, no children displayed:
    <?php wp_list_pages('depth=1&sort_column=ID&title_li='); ?>

    To display more pages see the Codex on wp_list_pages.

  37. The Beest » Blog Archive » Happy New Blog Says:

    […] This blog is powered by WordPress, which I’m enormously impressed by. It’s very flexible, easy to use and only took a few minutes to install on my Debian Linux web server. I’ve added a couple of plugins, courtesy of Roblog, to demonstrate my dubious taste in music and current reading list. The rather elegant design, or theme in WordPress parlance, is called Modern and comes from Ulf Pettersson of Sweden. […]

  38. Isn’t the Light OK? » Blog Archive » New year, new theme Says:

    […] Geof’s <a href=””>re-templating of his faith log</a> (although he’s back to the default now) inspired me to seek out a fresh look for this site. I’ve settled on the <a href=””>Modern</a> template by Ulf Pettersson (for now). So far, I’m liking it…<br /> […]

  39. Enike Says:

    Ulf, is there a way to incorporate a calendar into the template? I thought I saw some coding in the CSS that includes a calendar but nothing shows.

    It’s a very nice theme. I like the clean yet pleasant layout.

  40. Creative Conviction » Blog Archive » Upgraded! Says:

    […] I am thinking of using this theme – Modern … I will tested it out and see how I feel about it.  I think it is less cluttered than the Kiwi theme I was using before … but this will be dependent on how much I can edit the sidebar. […]

  41. On everything, and nothing… » Blog Archive » Design Says:

    […] Update 5/1/06: Theme switched to Modern, but again with slightly different fonts. […]

  42. Alex Says:

    wonderful theme ulf! i will use the ”modern”-theme for my blog. i have changed some css-styles and translated the theme into german language.

    thanks for sharing.

    have a good time


  43. Niels Brons » Blog Archive » Nice tutorial about localizing Wordpress theme’s Says:

    […] And as I was being stupid I stumbled onto Tim’s blog and he translated his German tutorial into English, making my work obsolete. I might write one anyway, but not today. What I certainly will do in the near future is make an article about poEdit, as people seem to have trouble using it. But not everything was lost, I actually made Ulf Pettersson’s theme modern translatable. Some notes about it: I did not test it extensively, I did not make any translations for it and I offer no guarantees it will work (it probably will tho). But I’m willing to help people translate it, and I’m also happy to host any translations. […]

  44. Melissa Says:


    Quick question: I would like to modify your gorgeous design, so that the sidebar is white and outlined with another color. I can figure out how to edit the stylesheet to make the sidebar white, but I cannot figure out how to add an outline. Any ideas?

    Also, how did you insert the colorful graphic below your name above the sidebar?

    Thanks for all your work. Less talented folks such as myself truly appreciate it!

  45. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Melissa: find the paragraph that looks like this:

    #sidebar {
    background: rgb(211,207,205);
    font: 0.9em Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;

    and insert a line like this one inside the curly brackets:

    border: 1px solid red;

    Change ‘red’ to the color name or color value you would like. Change ‘1px’ to set the width of the outline. The graphic is inserted by this line:

    /* Begin Headers */
    #header h1 {background: white url(images/header_background.jpg) bottom right no-repeat;

  46. Melissa Says:

    Thank you so much! I’ll send you a link as soon as the site is ready.

  47. How To Blog Says:

    Comprehensive list of 560 Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes / Templates available for download…

    Largest list of free WordPress Themes. Over 550 wordpress themes, including numerous 3-column wp template layouts, updated regularly…

  48. Mike Says:

    Nice theme Ulf!

    However the categories in the sidebar doesn’t get displayed right. Sub-categories should go under their head category, not just end up at the top.

  49. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Mike: Do sub-categories end up at the top? On this blog they mix in with the other categories and all of them are displayed in alphabetic order. But you are right, sub-categories should probably go under their head category. Will fix that for 1.0. Unfortunately I’m quite busy at the moment, so I can’t say when…

  50. Dan Says:

    Hate to be a newbie here, but is this theme available\compatible with new WP2.0? This is one of the top 5 WP Themes I have seen, hands down.

  51. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Dan: Yes, it is fully compatible with WordPress 2.0.

  52. Melissa Says:


    I have made great progress since my last comment you. That is until I tested my site in IE 6.0. Man! What a mess.

    The whole sidebar is broken in two pieces and the main post section overlaps the sidebar. (See the URL I entered on the reply. I am afraid to post it publicly because of spam.)

    Even when I revert to your original sidebar code and stylesheet, the problem remains.

    Could you take a look and see what you think? Firefox displays it properly. IE screws it up big time. Meanwhile, I’m going nuts with all of this!

    Here’s my sidebar code:

    Need help reading this blog?

    ” name=”s” id=”s” />



    Want to be notified of updates? Enter your e-mail address below:

    NOTICE: The information contained in this web site is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease; to provide specific medical advice; or to endorse any specific product(s), treatment(s), company(ies), organization(s) or practitioner(s). Its intention is solely to present an enjoyable story, provide information, and education. Always consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your or your child’s symptoms or medical condition. , its staff, advisors and affiliates are not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions contained herein. See Terms of Use for complete details.

    google_ad_width = 160;
    google_ad_height = 600;
    google_ad_format = ”160x600_as”;
    google_ad_type = ”text”;
    google_ad_channel =””;
    google_color_border = ”CCCCCC”;
    google_color_bg = ”FFFFFF”;
    google_color_link = ”000000”;
    google_color_url = ”666666”;
    google_color_text = ”333333”;

  53. Melissa Says:

    Sorry for the code screwup above…

    OK… I figured out the problem with the broken sidebar in IE 6, but not the solution:

    Here is the part of the style sheet that makes IE 6.0 unhappy:

    `#content {
    width: 419px;
    margin: 30px 0 0 0;
    padding: 40px 40px 40px 50px;
    float: left;
    clear: both;

    Specifically, it does not like:

    `padding: 40px 40px 40px 50px;`

    Can anyone think of a workaround? I’ve been scouring CSS references, but no luck so far…

  54. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Melissa: I looked breifly at your blog and it looks like the picture for ”eicosapentaenoic acid” may be too wide. Also, Internet Explorer has several rendering bugs and is not as standards-compliant as browsers like Firefox and Opera (the vastly superior browser in my opinion – try it!). All the issues with Internet Explorer makes it a pain to code for, it’s just not worth the effort to work around every little bug. Some bugs seem to be associated with widths.

  55. Melissa Says:

    Hey, thanks for your response. I agree that IE has little redeeming value. I only wish that most of the world didn’t use it!

    I will mess around with the image and see where it gets me.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  56. Melissa Says:

    Tack så mycket!!!!

    Ulf, YOU ARE MY HERO once again. Removing the “eicosapentaenoic acid” picture fixed the problem.

    I cannot believe I have spent this much time on this! What a jerk I am. :)

    There’s still a little weirdness where the sidebar and content sections misalign, but I could care less.

    Wooooooohooooo! Thank you, Ulf!

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  59. My Little Yorkshire Terrier Says:

    Ich hoffe, da ich es zurck zu bilden kann lese die Pfosten wieder.

  60. Transparent Grid » Blog Archive » Transparent Grid 3.0 Says:

    […] Time for a mid-winter cleaning. The last theme didn’t render well in Internet Explorer and never reported new posts to Technocrati. Microsoft IE is such a mess that this great new theme, Modern, by Swedish designer Ulf Pettersson, doesn’t do so well either. It’s just another reason why everyone should use Firefox or Opera and dump Redmond’s unwieldy beast. […]

  61. Wieland Says:


    Thanks so much for your great theme. My blog has never loaded faster or been as bug-free as it is now with ‘modern.’

  62. Jarno Says:

    Thank you for this awesome template! I will use it on my blog after I’ve remade it to fit my purposes.

    For you who wanted to remove the hover effect on the logo can find this line at the end of header.php:


    There you can remove everything that has to do with the ”a href”-tag, but do not remove the php-tag with ”bloginfo(‘name’)” or the entire div will disappear.

    Hopefully you can see the code above.

  63. Jarno Says:


    Well, anyhow, the code that you’ll need to remove looks something like this ”php echo get_settings(‘home’);” and is within a ”a href”-tag. Remove the entire a-tag and it will look nice. :)

  64. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Jarno and others: removing the entire a-tag is not a good idea. That would make it impossible to click on the logo. If you want to change the look of the hover-effect, change the CSS instead.

  65. Jarno Says:

    That I do know. But since I have added a ”home”-link at the top of the page I didn’t feel it necessary to have the picture clickable too. But when you mention it I might change it back just to have the logo clickable for those who usually clicks logos to get to the ”home”-page.

    Thank you for this awesome template. I have translated most of it into swedish too if anyone would be interested. Although you’ll need to have the swedish WP-language file for it to be fully translated.

  66. Jarno Says:

    So you who want to change the hover effect on the logo to be transparent add this into you style.css:

    ‘#header h1 a:hover {
    text-decoration: none;
    background: transparent;}”

    Hopefully the above css doesn’t do too much damage.

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  68. Incursio Says:

    Any chance of creating a 3 column version of Modern? :D

  69. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Incurso: I have been thinking about that, so there is a chance, yes.

  70. Chris Says:

    Ulf, I love the design. I was wondering if you could help with with how to add the author tag back in so that it displays who wrote each entry. I have a multiple-user blog that I would love to base around your Modern theme, but I need the entries to say who they are by. Can you help? Thanks.

    tobefirst [at] hotmail [dot] com

  71. Issy Says:

    Hi Ulf,

    Absolutely beautiful design. Thank you!

    I’m using it for my blog which I just recently set up — well, it’s taking me a while to set it up. :) I just have one question: I’ve tried to change the header_background.jpg by creating a graphic the same size as your original graphic, naming my graphic ‘header_background.jpg,’ removing the original graphic, then uploading my version. My graphic doesn’t display. I have no idea why this is happening. Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Issy

  72. Issy Says:

    Hi again,

    I was able to change the graphic. :)

    Thanks again for the theme.

  73. Leon Straun Says:

    I adore your theme. I will change it but a little.
    Many thanks.


  74. silberblog Says:

    very very good design. it would be perfect with three colums. hopefully in version. 1.0 ;-)

  75. silberblog Says:

    …again. when I view the categories (in my case ‘kunst’) the pictures will not be shown in the overview. Is this by design and possible to change this?
    Thanxx for your help.

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    […] Modern, very simple and elegant […]

  78. Cyberney Says:

    Excactly the theme I was looking for, after testing 50 themes something. I decided to use yours since I will need the pages on top as soon as my blog will be more developed. Your theme looks exactly the same in IE6 of beta7, Mozilla, Firefox and my favorite browser Opera. The only minus part – if I may say so – is that there seems no way to get blank spaces in quoted texts. I tried and but these tags do not work. You may have a solution for this, Ulf? Thanks for releasing this theme of yours.

  79. Joe Black Says:

    Hi Ulf, I just downloaded, but when I extract it everything is fine except…

    header.php is empty? Could you please post a working version of the file?

    Thanks. Great theme, dude.

  80. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    silberblog: Given that you are talking about the WordPress feature categories; that’s the way wordpress works, unfortunately. It’s not really changeable, see above. It works that way in other themes too.

    Cyberney: What do you mean? You can certainly use blank spaces in quotes. Many blogs that use Modern does that all the time.

    Joe Black: Thank you. But you are wrong about header.php, of course it’s not empty (just double-checked). Perhaps something went wrong?

  81. Sarah Says:


    I just downloaded your template the other day (I love it), but wanted to ask you how I might go about adding a graphic image where the blog title is (without a rollover). I would like to keep the blog title, but perhaps move it down to the grey area. I am very new to this whole wordpress/CSS thing but know a little bit of html. Any recommendations on how I could do this effectively?

    Thanks a bunch!

  82. Mark G. Says:

    I love it, but how can i get that off white color on the sides and blue side bar like yours? The packaged them is all white.

  83. Mark G. Says:

    Nevermind, i figured it out, thanx again

  84. Tom Says:

    How do I login if I am using this theme?

  85. Sarah Says:

    Okay, well….can anyone else help me or do I just need to turn to some of my more techie friends?

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    […] -edit: Ooh, this theme by Ulf Pettersson is very nice indeed. I think I’ll keep it until I go crazy and try to redesign my blog before midterms week again. […]

  90. Scottb Says:

    I think Cyberney is referring to the inability to easily put newlines or whitespace (paragraph separators) in between lines of text within blockquote areas. I’d like to figure out a way to do this too!

  91. Blogalistic » Modern 0.9 Says:

    […] […]

  92. Spencer Says:

    I’ve tried using this theme on a WordPress 2.0 instalation. It look beautiful, but for some reason I can’t make the size of the pages the same. Your site demonstartions this quirk too: as you click through the links in the header the whole layout jumps a couple pixels to the left or right. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

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  94. Pandora's box Says:

    Modern goes pink … (ish) … this is a beautiful theme – i’m new to worpress and and tried a few hundred themes till i found yours – i love it, thanks ;-) !

  95. Cyberney Says:

    Scott, I think the trick for the blank spaces within the blockquotes is to simply first devide your desired quoted text into the pieces you want. After that you give each part a blockquote of its own. I tried it on my site and it worked, although I can’t show you an example right now since I started a brand new blog today. Good luck!

  96. Dave Says:

    Thank you so much for this design! I had spent all weekend looking through hundreds of WordPress themes and was beginning to despair when I found yours. It’s a perfect match for my site.

  97. Stefan Says:

    Hi there – I’ve adopted your theme for for the time being, love its simplicity and style, keep up the good work! stefan

  98. Huan Says:

    Hi, I am using your template at my site at – it’s really slick and awesome!

    Thank you, keep good work!

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  100. Stefan Says:

    Hey Ulf one more thing, do you plan to include widgets any time soon in modern? The sidebar updated was released some time ago by the wordpress-team and it’d make mondern even more tempting…

  101. Casas Rurales Alquiler Casas Says:

    Very interesting!!! Thanks for this theme!

  102. xiGang Blog » Blog Archive » 805+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes Says:

    […] Modern tested with WordPress 2.0 […]

  103. Brianna Says:

    Hi Ulf, this is a fantastic theme! I’d like to change the colour of the sides and top from white to a very light blue–the same areas that are very light grey on yours. I can’t for the life of me figure out what bits of CSS I need to edit in order to accomplish this. Can you help me? Thanks!

  104. bromley Says:

    Perfect pages… tnx

  105. Felipe Lavín Z. Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working to add localization (l10n) support to your theme, and I’ve released this modification as part of the WordPress Themes Localization Project in which I along with other developers are beggining to work.

    The new package it’s available on the SourceForge project site, and now it also features widgets support.

  106. joyce Says:

    hi ulf

    absolutely fabulous theme! thanks so much!

    am having one problem (believe similar issue was listed by spencer march 12 2006) with index and single posts shifting 8 pixels to the left, arg… have tried clean installs on same server/same domain, same server/different domain, different server/different domain with the same result. i see that this is the case with other BUT NOT ALL installations of your wonderful theme (maybe 50:50).

    if anyone has any feedback on resolving this issue, i would be hugely appreciative.


    — joyce

  107. joyce Says:

    hi ulf

    sorry, previous post was incomplete: shifting occurs only in Firefox (both windows and mac os x). using ie – windows/opera – mac os x, there is NO SHIFT. it is more likely that it is only the single post and index that don’t shift and the page and category level pages that shift right.

    thanks again for any suggestions for troubleshooting/resolving this issue.

    — joyce

  108. joyce Says:

    duh… short pages = no scroll bar = shifting page elements = oh good grief! added code to css to always include scroll bar :)

    thanks again for a lovely theme!

    — joyce

  109. Nancy King Says:


    I’m new at this, but I believe I did the correct edit’s to the style.css to change the color of the text for the header. Even though the new RGB color info is in the style.css file. Nothing changed.

    It took me a while to find the right theme, and this one is definetly perfect!

  110. Nancy King Says:


    I’m smarter than I thought I was and so very pleased with my edits. Great, great template! So easy to make your own.

  111. Learn German Words Says:

    Very nice layouts possible with the modern theme. Well done.

  112. Nick Holmes Says:

    Re white space between blockquote paras, you need to place a margin above. In style.css, change the margin spec for blockquote p, for example:

    margin: 0 0 4px 0;

    I think maybe I then also had to adjust the alignment of the quote graphic.

  113. wordpress主题模板推荐 - 找问题娱乐互动网 Says:

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  114. Alfred Says:

    Have been using K2 and several other themes after I used Modern but I returned to Modern.

  115. Kevin McGuire Says:

    Ulf, this is a really wonderful design. Its clean, well layed out, with enough artfulness to hold interest yet without distracting from the content. Thank you for your hard work in creating it.

  116. Kevin McGuire Says:

    At the risk of damaging the intended aesthetics of this design, I decided to add a bit of width for the body text. In keeping with the license, and in case others want to make similar, I am sharing those changes. I am not a CSS hacker, this was just trial and error. The seven changes (for adding 100 width) are:

    #pagestripe {background: rgb(221,217,215); width: 780px; => 880px

    #page {
    width: 780px; => 880px

    #content {
    width: 419px; => 519px

    #content.single {
    width: 518px; => 618px

    #footer {
    width: 510px; => 610px;

    #footer.single {
    width: 780px; => 880px

    #description, #sidebar {
    margin-left: 511px; => 611px

  117. Alfred Says:

    Kevin, if you leave your URL we can see what you mean.

  118. 史上最全WordPress主题目录 (目前已有981个主题,持续更新中) at 南方舞厅 Says:

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  119. No man’s land » Blog Archive » New layout for my weblog Says:

    […] Right now, I am using a slightly modified version of the Modern theme by Ulf Pettersson. I will further modify this theme once I find the time do do so. In the meantime, feel free to send me your comments if you have a remark or suggestion regarding the layout of this blog. […]

  120. Al Says:

    Well Mr. No man’s land… I don’t see anything modified. Even my own site looks more modified than yours, but still I wouldn’t say my site is a modified version of Modern. The only thing I did is tweaking it so that the sidebar stays when viewing the static pages plus some little things like another pic, a drop down menu in the sidebar and so on. But it definitely still is the Modern theme.

  121. Kris Says:

    @Al(fred): Please notice the word ‘slightly’ in the text. Think of it like the word ‘proza’ on your weblog. It’s a fact, but not on first sight :-)

  122. Al Says:

    @Kris, all right, you have your point;-) I began to see some more changes on your site ;-) I am curious for what it will become later. Keep going! Thanks for your reply.

  123. SEblog » Blog Archive » Blogging Says:

    […] One of the things I have tried to do, keeping with the idea of this being my Swedish blog, is use add-ons and plug-ins for WordPress that come from Swedish contributors. To that end, I’m using fGallery by Fahlstad Design for my photos. My theme is Modern by Ulf Pettersson. (I am entirely responsible for the image in the upper right, which, come to think of it, needs an update.) They deserve to be pimped, I really appreciate both the plug-in and the theme. Tags:blog, communication, plugin theme […]

  124. Dave Says:

    I too was interested in seeing Kevin McGuire’s wider version of Modern, but he must’ve changed his mind, because it’s the standard width now:

    I’ve tried a few changes to the design myself, but they never look as good as the original. A three-column version would be great, but I don’t have enough design instinct to see how that could be done without ruining it. The only major change I made (and yes, it’s quite minor) was to increase the font sizes so my older readers stopped bitching. I even kept Ulf’s image. I suppose if more people adopted the theme I’d be forced to modify it…

  125. Dave Says:

    Ah, now he has the wider version running. Doesn’t look bad at all.

  126. Winter’s Haven » Blog Archive » Update Says:

    […] front page of the site. The blog’s new visual theme is a variation on Ulf Pettersson’s Modern; expect it to slowly morph as I modify it to my liking. I’ll try to add some new posts too, […]

  127. Al Says:

    @Dave, I agree. That wider version looks good. Makes more space for an extra page in the horizontal menu bar as well. The reading is all right too.

  128. Dave the Duck Says:

    I love this theme, which I’m using with a wordpress 2.07 installation. I need to upgrade to version WordPress 2.1 to get some additional functionality though. Has anyone tried this theme in WordPress 2.1? How does it work?

  129. Al Says:

    Dave, I am running WP 2.1 and use this theme without any problems.

  130. Diego Says:

    Am I a PHP moron or what? I cannot find how to change the background of the area around the actual posts and pages… (the area you have colored with a very subtle pink…)
    Can u help me?

  131. skarl Says:

    Excellent! Simply beautiful! Clean, elegant, and as the title says… modern!

  132. Ian Leung Says:

    Your theme is awesome, I’m totally stealing it…credited of course…lol
    Very clean, very well laid out, no unneeded extras. Kudos ;)

  133. A wider Modern theme for WordPress » Tri Nguyen Says:

    […] well satisfied with Ulf Petterson’s excellent WordPress theme, Modern, but for one thing: at 419px, the main content column is just too narrow. Things just won’t […]

  134. sarahbloggingnow Says:

    Great info and theme. Ulf, do you think you might put in a help forum so people can help each other and find solutions easier? Also, anyone successfully widgetized or added a left sidebar as well?????? It’d be tremendously, stupendously appreciated if one of you coders could do a write up on one. ;)

  135. Karela Says:

    Hi Ulf,
    I just installed your theme, very nice! But I seem to have lost the ”Login” link that used to be under ”Meta”. It’s gone and I can’t find it anywhere. What should I do? Thanks!

  136. e-Portfolio Sven Aarts » Blog Archive » Cityhopper Says:

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  137. e-Portfolio Sven Aarts » Blog Archive » Says:

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  138. Martin Hamann Says:

    Yeah, really potentionally feature & more then modern. I wish, i would live in USA.

  139. bijna gemaakt Says:

    […] voor een of andere redenen is er iets mis met Naked Gemini. Dan maar kiezen voor het out of the box Modern. Niet onmiddellijk iets waar ik echt helemaal warm van wordt, maar het is licht, snel niet zo […]

  140. No man’s land » Nieuwe template - nieuwe rubriek Says:

    […] twee regenbuien in het design van mijn weblog aangepast. Het vorige design, gebaseerd op de ‘Modern‘ template, vond ik niet echt goed gestructureerd en visueel kon het ook iets beter. Na wat […]

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    […] just updated the WordPress theme I use for this blog (Modern, by Ulf Pettersson) to make use of Dynamic Sidebar’s in WordPress 2.2, following the […]

  142. WG Says:

    I just updated this theme to work with WordPress 2.2 dynamic sidebar, find the diff file at

    Feature request: could you please make lists in the side bar nestable, so that (for example) category hierarchy displays correctly?


  143. dinsan Says:

    can you make it widget ready ?

  144. DN Says:

    very nice theme.



  145. Rob Says:

    Great theme, I like this style. Thanks!

  146. Yell Says:

    Looks great im gonna download it now, Thanks a lot!

  147. Marco Says:

    Nice theme! thanks for share this.

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  149. John Says:

    Thanks for a really nice theme. Am planning to use it as the basis for a new site I am setting up.

    I like the fact that it is very clean and minimal without being too CSSy if you know what I mean…

  150. ksiegarnia katolicka Says:

    @Dave, I agree. That wider version looks good. Makes more space for an extra page in the horizontal menu bar as well. The reading is all right too.

  151. Richard Says:

    Awesome theme. Would love to see an update for WP2.3!

    Thanks again.

  152. DigitalWerks » Blog Archive » Wordpress Theme 1st try Says:

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  160. Background colour Says:

    I’d also been despairing of finding a theme I liked – until I discovered Modern. Thank you Ulf for offering it.
    I’ve done a couple of small tweaks, but I would still like to change the background colour of the area surrounding the central text area. I want the same pale grey (RGB 250/249/248) you use. But I am CSS illiterate enough that I cannot figure out how to do it. I would be grateful if someone could help me (and others who’ve made the same request).

  161. Background colour Says:

    OK, I figured it out myself!
    For those who haven’t, two steps editing style.css

    1. In the ”Begin Typography & Colors” group, add this line:
    background: rgb(250,249,248);
    or whatever colour you want.

    a bit further down, in the #content group, add this line:
    background: rgb(250,250,250);

    The latter maybe not necessary, but I assumed it was transparent by default.

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  164. Tom Says:

    Great theme! Can anyone tell me how to turn off ”excerpts” when displaying archives for things such as categories, so that when clicking these it will display full posts instead of excerpts? Sorry, I am sure it is something simple, but I keep messing things up when trying.

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  171. ALVIN Says:

    WOW really beautiful, i would like to saying ,i like it very much,
    thanks a lot

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  173. Dean Says:

    This is a wonderfull theme. I need this for nextblog
    Thanks for this and good luck

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  177. Ed Hardy Says:

    thx for the great stuff

  178. Cameron Says:

    I love the theme! Needed to change it to widget friendly, and did some hard-coding to add subpages. But after all said and done I think it looks beautiful! Thanks for putting this together.

  179. Joe Auricchio » Blog Archive » Back to WordPress Says:

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  181. pergam Says:

    First of all thank you very much for making this theme open source. I am using it on my blog right now, and I’ve been making a few colour tweaks here and there.

  182. Daniel Hernandez Says:

    Nice design

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    very clean and cool design Ulf! I think I found the perfect modernist template to work from. Thank you

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  191. Miron Says:

    Simple but nice…

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  193. ignacio Says:

    Wonderful theme ! Congratulations, it’s fantastic.

  194. Dean Says:

    Hi Ulf,
    very nice and perfect Design for wordpress. Gratulation and thanks
    for the good work.
    Best regards

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  199. Björn Hahnefeld Says:

    Thank you very much for this great work!
    We don’t use the template at the moment, but it looks very good and can be also used (in my opinion) as a company layout!

    To use XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1 shows the high quality of the work. All of our projects are realized with this standards!

  200. Michael Says:


    Could you please provide instructions to remove the sidebar and make it how it is on your own site?


  201. Dallmeier electronic Authorised Service Partner Österreich Says:

    Hello Michael,

    You can find a good tutorial @ ””. Here you can find a lot of tips for integrating and modifieing a template.

    Best regards


  202. Leonel Says:

    Ulf… Thanksfull

    I fix a little problem on sidebar.php i change

    <form method=”get” id=”searchform1″ I add a 1
    <input type=”text” value=”” name=”s” id=”s1″ I add 1 on $s1 and on id=”s1″ also add 1

    and on searchform.php
    I add 1 on
    <input type=”text” value=”<?php echo wp_specialchars($s1,

    it fix

    Line 95, Column 27: ID ”searchform” already defined .

    An ”id” is a unique identifier. Each time this attribute is used in a document it must have a different value. If you are using this attribute as a hook for style sheets it may be more appropriate to use classes (which group elements) than id (which are used to identify exactly one element).

    Line 46, Column 25: ID ”searchform” first defined here .

    Line 96, Column 50: ID ”s” already defined .
    …ut type=”text” value=”” name=”s” id=”s” /><input type=”submit” id=”sidebarsub

    An ”id” is a unique identifier. Each time this attribute is used in a document it must have a different value. If you are using this attribute as a hook for style sheets it may be more appropriate to use classes (which group elements) than id (which are used to identify exactly one element).

    Line 47, Column 46: ID ”s” first defined here .

    But I cant find this error would you helpme?
    Line 91, Column 12: end tag for ”ul” which is not finished .

  203. Maren Says:

    Hi Ulf, I really love this theme.
    I only want my blog to display one post on the post pages so i set it to 1 in the reading settings.
    But how i can get my blog to display all the posts in a particular category when I have 30 posts. Same goes with search. If someone is searching for the term ”love” on my blog i want multiple posts to show. How can i make this happen?

    currently my blog only shows 1 post when i do a search or view a category with multiple posts.

  204. Maren Says:

    Low and behold I found a plugin that would do what i wanted @

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    My favorite WP theme — Crisp. Clean. Simple.


  208. Adela Says:

    Thank you for the time you spent for creating this theme and for giving it away so that people like me (read not into design and coding) can use it, too.

    Tack så mycket.

  209. Dan Sellars Says:

    One of the most beautiful themes published in a vast sea of mediocrity. Great work.

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  215. Helen Says:

    I love the template. How did you set up the ”images” section the way you have it on your website?

  216. Peter - Werbeagentur Dreamland Says:

    A very nice design, nice and clean style.

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  218. Tanzen Regensburg Says:

    This template (in a simple modified design) will be a good alternative for our current design… I will speak with our developer ;)

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    Very stylish template. I like it…

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  229. Fredrik Says:


  230. GRL Says:

    This is a wonderful theme. I’m using it for my course web site, LitMUSE: .

    Thank you very much for your generosity.

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    i have wp themes site, can i add this sweet theme to my theme list?

    Thank you,
    Robert –

  235. Andrew Rimmer Says:

    Hi Ulf,

    I love the theme, thanks alot :)

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  239. Glen Woodfin Says:

    Ulf’s ”Modern” WordPress template features content as one features cherished art on their showcase wall.

    With Admiration,

    Glen Woodfin

  240. Stefan Chirila Says:

    hi im wondering how i could use this on a blog =P
    thanks for your time

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  243. Amanda Says:

    My website is using Modern, and is widgetized- I downloaded a patch from the Internet somewhere. I will try and look for it.

  244. Shawn M. White Says:

    First of all: Excellent theme! After searching hundreds and trying tens of different themes, I believe I have found the one I have been seeking in Modern.

    Of course, I want to modify it a bit for my own use. Could anyone help me with how I can show the blog description either in the space that the title is in, below the page nav tabs, or at the top right of the pages (just below the title)?

    Hope someone can help, and I thank you in advance for your assistance.


  245. Vesy Says:

    This theme is stunning.

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  247. Ben Says:

    Brilliant. I love simple themes.

    Im going to install this now :)

  248. julian mendoza Says:

    So elegant in its simplicity – refreshing as a fresh snowfall!

    I do not have the exact quote, but Sir Isaac Stern had commented that the great violinists would know that the harder challenge is not the virtuoso fire and storm, but in the single sustained note.

    Thank you very much for gifting everyone with the Modern theme, Ulf.

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  251. Werbeagentur digital art Says:

    Oh my gosh! I really luv it! We installed it on our own server and its georgeous! Keep it goin on, pal ;-) Many greetings from Germany.

  252. Kuba Says:

    Hi Ulf,

    I would like to insert a small image (of me :)) to the sidebar. How can I do this?

    Thank’s for a great theme!

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    Excellent! Simply beautiful! Clean, elegant, and as the title says modern

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  265. Carine Says:

    I’m using this theme. Love its simplicity!

    Thanks :)

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  270. John Says:

    Have been using K2 and several other themes after I used Modern but I returned to Modern.

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  277. wueins - Web Design Says:

    Great design!

    ”Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  282. sohbet Says:

    Thanks for the theme. I will just still have to get a different header image.

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  284. Tragwerksplanung Says:

    A very nice template! It’s nice to see, that designer and programmer are making good work for people with not so much skills and experience. The template looks high-quality and is well done!

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  286. siubie Says:

    ulf thanks for make this brilliant theme LGPL ^__^, i have made some modification of your template you can see the result in my website

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  294. Chris Says:

    hey, thanks a lot. But there are some css bugs with new browsers…

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  303. Helena Says:

    Brilliant ! Will this be updated for the latest version of WordPres?

  304. Lars Says:

    A very nice template!

  305. Paul Says:

    Klasse. Vielen Dank für dieses fantastische Theme.

  306. Oliver Says:

    Hallo Ulf,
    thank you for that theme. I will test it soon.
    Olli from Hannover/Germany

  307. Daniel McHugh Says:

    Do you know how I would remove the sidebar from the Modern theme and then widen the part of the page where the text is written? Thank you.

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  313. Oliver | Webdesign Berlin Says:

    Hey very nice job, dear collegue. I love clear designs!
    Best wishes from Berlin, Germany

  314. pozycjonowanie stron Says:

    You can modify the theme to use those functions by: 1. putting BX_functions.php from Blix in the Modern folder

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  318. jimfelder Says:

    I wanted this them because it had no sidebar. I previewed it and there was a sidebar. How the heck can I get rid of this stinking sidebar. It doesn’t matter what template I use I get the sidebar. I have removed all the widgets but can’t figure it out.

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  320. kangal Says:

    Will this work with WordPress 2.0?

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  329. Hamsun Says:

    This is such a great theme, Ulf.

    Does anybody know how I can change following: At the moment, name of my blog is the same as the name written with orange letters. Is that possible to changee?

    And is it possbile to make differnt titles on the stativ pages, than the title on the menu on the top of the pages? ”Like where ”home is, could have a different headline on the page which it is reffering too?

    Thanks a lot!

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  331. Ginebra Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful theme. I really hope you won’t be on pause too long !

  332. Katie Says:

    I want to have comments on the pages. Is it possible? I have them enabled but see nowhere for people to click to comment on the page.

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  338. Andrew Says:

    Gosh, I love this theme but it’s half a decade old! There’s not much that I don’t like about it except that being stuck at a 0.9 beta just isn’t good. And this designer’s home page is literally on pause.

  339. simple way of life Says:

    This is the theme which was looking for. The theme is truly minimalistic and gets loaded in a short span of time. I have suggested this theme to many of my friends who have been looking for a minimalist wordpress themes and personally looking forward to add this theme to one of my blog. Thanks for making this wonderful theme and for the free download.

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  343. Tioman Says:

    Thanks for sharing this magnificent theme. Just downloaded it and I’m gonna try if it fits with my blog :)

  344. Free Minimal Wordpress Modern Theme | Free Minimal Says:

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  347. Werbeagentur Says:

    Great info and theme. Ulf, do you think you might put in a help forum so people can help each other and find solutions easier? Also, anyone successfully widgetized or added a left sidebar as well?????? It’d be tremendously, stupendously appreciated if one of you coders could do a write up on one. ;)

  348. izmir Says:

    Gosh, I love this theme but it’s half a decade old! There’s not much that I don’t like about it except that being stuck at a 0.9 beta just isn’t good. And this designer’s home page is literally on pause.

  349. 100 Excellents Modèles WordPress Gratuits ! Says:

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  350. Samir Says:


    I would really like to have ”child”pages on this theme. I love the theme by the way!!! Could someone send me some code or something to ”paste in”?:)

  351. Geek is a Lift-Style. »Archive » 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes Says:

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  352. Webstandard-Blog Says:

    Whitespace is the ”magic word” ;o)

  353. 100 Perfect WordPress Themes For Free | all my files Says:

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  356. Patrick Says:

    This is such a great theme, Ulf. Thank you!

  357. Small Business Says:

    […] [ Demo ]Curved WordPress ThemeAccord WordPress Theme2. Simple, Minimalistic ThemesiAModicus 0.2Modern [ Demo ]Documentation [ Demo ]JentriminiBitsGIMP StyleDayvan Theme [ Demo ]Tree Theme [Demo ]DePo […]

  358. lowongan cpns Says:

    I want to have comments on the pages. Is it possible? I have them enabled but see nowhere for people to click to comment on the page.

  359. ugg outle Says:

    This is such a great theme, Ulf.

    Does anybody know how I can change following: At the moment, name of my blog is the same as the name written with orange letters. Is that possible to changee?

    And is it possbile to make differnt titles on the stativ pages, than the title on the menu on the top of the pages? ”Like where ”home is, could have a different headline on the page which it is reffering too?

    Thanks a lot!

  360. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    Yes, of course it is possible to have comments on pages. Design a template-page which includes a comments-section (like on this page). Then select that template from within WordPress and apply to the page in question.

  361. Ulf Pettersson Says:

    ugg outle:
    Yes it is possible to change. Just change the color of the blog-title in the .css -file.

  362. snackers list Says:

    Great info and theme. Ulf, do you think you might put in a help forum so people can help each other and find solutions easier? Also, anyone successfully widgetized or added a left sidebar as well?????? It’d be tremendously, stupendously appreciated if one of you coders could do a write up on one. ;)…nice……..

  363. Cathy Says:


    I’m new to word press and wondering if there is a way I can add the tagline of my blog to the title box, underneath the orange text?


  364. 10 Best Minimalist Free Themes for Wordpress | Design Pundit Says:

    […] Demo & Download […]

  365. Tore Says:

    Awesome theme!
    I really like it that it’s clean and small. Most themes out there are trying to fit everything into the design. Sometimes you just want something small. This is it! Great thanks!

  366. jenson Says:

    I was wondering if its possible to put a black border around the Name, Mail and Website boxes? thanx

  367. 75 free high-quality WordPress themes « 3BDesigns Says:

    […] Modern46 [ Demo46 ] […]

  368. Robin Says:

    Love your theme btw! Minimalist is the way to go i think. My readers are seeming to enjoy how easy it is for them to navigate around. I intend to try this theme on a few affiliate sites too as see if it can be applied there as well. Thanks

  369. servant of wife Says:

    Yes, of course it is possible to have comments on pages. Design a template-page which includes a comments-section (like on this page). Then select that template from within WordPress and apply to the page in question.let every one know this is great

  370. Stefan Gustafsson Says:

    Beautiful and minimal!

  371. Free WordPress Themes – Beautiful Minimalist and clean | Says:

    […] Modern Demo Download […]

  372. saç kaynak Says:

    This is so beautiful clean and modern theme..

  373. Mikael Says:

    Very nice design!

  374. Jacob Says:

    Like it a lot! Thanks Ulf!

  375. Matt Sandy Says:

    I like the giant pause button you have.

  376. Frankie from Webdesign Rosenheim Says:

    I installed the theme on a blog of a customer….. he is so happy and it’s working fine. I had to make a few changes in the translation. Excellent work mate!

  377. cre8iv web design Says:

    Awesome clean simple web design . It is really refreshing to see such basic web design with the contemporary design trends going for the complex minimalist impression.

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  387. Vakantiehuis Harz Says:

    hi ulf,
    love this clean theme. it has been developed for some years now.
    i’m wondering if it still works well with the present WP 3+ version?
    thanx for developing it.

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  397. baltech Says:

    like this theme!

  398. DesignersWork - Design resources Says:

    Dear Mr Pettersson,

    Does this Wp theme also work with the new Wp 3+ Version!


  399. 25 Tema WordPress Minimalis dan Style Berkotak | Badai Selatan Says:

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